Digital Natives: Who Are We?

Hi all,
Let’s talk about the generational divide. We here think that talking about life as a Digital Native is important. Repeatedly we are referred to as the generation who is different. We have always been categorised as “other” because for some reason, our social media usage has alienated us from the likes of any other generation. Weird, right? Well parents, grandparents, anyone who doesn’t completely understand our generational quirks, that’s fine. That’s fine. We know we are different. But different isn’t always bad. You all grew up in different circumstances than the generation before you. As our wise friend Danah Boyd said “the differences between how various populations of youth use technology are as important to understand as the differences between youth and their elders”. With that being said, lets get a few things straight. Firstly, we know we seem strange online. We have more pressure than ever to maintain multiple identities at once. I know for me, my Facebook is mixed with my parents, former teachers, and my friends. Obviously, I want my friends to think I’m cool, but I also don’t want all the adult figures, universities, and even potential employers to know all my antics. There is a fine line to be walked. Our understanding of the world is different. Its hard to understand what it can be like, being watched, scrutinised and judged constantly. There are phones everywhere, that can crumble ones reputation. It’s a scary time. After reading this, lets all collectively think about ways we can be nicer to each other online. Create a compassionate and welcoming community just like we have here. We as CyberSafe hope that this corner of the internet can start a trend, a trend of acceptance.

That’s it for today pals, chat soon
C xx


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