Social Media Monopolies

Hi all,

Does it feel like everywhere we turn we see a new product being pushed? Kylie Jenner has the hair gummy bears, the Riverdale cast loves a new teeth whitening method. If our favourite celebrities love it, why wouldn’t we?! I know I want legs like Kendall and skin like Gigi, and if I see their new coco butter lotion will give it to me, I might think about buying it. But, what sometimes we don’t realise, is that these are all monopolies. There are big companies behind these stars paying millions to be featured on social media. Seconds in a snapchat story could mean a pay-out some of us could only dream of at this age. It’s the way of the game. Endorsements are some of the biggest paydays for both celebrities and brands because they all bring in revenue for the company. Celebrities are social influencers and can play a big part in the way society acts. There is a monopoly behind the hair gummy bear you bought. Selena wearing a clothing brand that you now want is a marketing strategy. Stars have become idolised and untouchable, and if there is something that could get you a bit closer to being like them, many times we all fall trap to buying into it. Paying for overpriced goods that claim to give us the desired results. Companies many times look for their consumer markets biggest insecurities and target them. It’s a simple psychology game. So, here’s what we can do to make ourselves more aware before we fall trap to these social media monopolies.

  • First off, know you are perfect just the way you are. There is no tea or gummy bear that could make you any better. There is no key or product to unlock the fountain of youth and perfection. Accept what you think are flaws and love them
  • Secondly, if you do see a brand promoted by your fave, take some time to research it. Look at the history of the brand, reviews, and even what’s in the product. Get to know what is healthy to put in or on your body and what could really hurt you (I did my research and those teas that claim to make you skinny in days, wont. They will just keep you in the bathroom A LOT. Not fun)

So lets all keep this in mind next time we want to fall to the latest trend. We don’t need to spend hundreds on a fleeting trend. Lets treat our bodies right and not fall trap to a social media monopoly. They aren’t always looking out for our best interest. Keep on loving and supporting each other. We have a voice and if we stop buying them, companies will stop making them.

C xx


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