Body image?

Celebrities of today have created a cycle of unrealistic body images, in which we are constantly bombarded with seeing on a daily basis! We all follow our favourite celebrities, like the Kardashians or Beyonce on many media forums like Twitter and Instagram, and sometimes we may get a little disheartened by our own personal body image! I know for certain that when I’ve been looking at pictures on my Instagram, and I’ve just scrolled past pictures of Kim in her new swim suit on my feed, I for sure feel self-conscious in my skin! Sometimes I don’t feel good enough and embarrassed. And I hate myself for it! However, I am here to tell you that it is entirely natural to feel this way and there’s no need to fear!

Our bodies are changing dramatically, in particular throughout our adolescent years! All bodies, whether celebrity or not, undergo the same difficulties – they bloat, they break out, they scar, they put on weight. All that differentiates them to us is numbers of stylists and make-up artists on hand to make them look better! We need to remember that living in the spotlight as many celebrities do, have personal trainers, tanning experts, makeup and facial contouring artists, stylists, photo-retouching experts and more importantly the money! The photos we see online, are edited to match this idealistic perfect image that society expects us to become. We need to stop seeking out this absurd idea of perfection and realise how brilliant and beautiful we really are! We all have flaws, and that’s what makes us different and unique! We should love and appreciate our humble lives away from the spotlight and accept our flaws and embrace them!

In order to love ourselves, we need to start identifying the features of our bodies that makes us who we are. Every morning, we need to try to look in the mirror and appreciate our perfect imperfections! Spend time just focusing your awareness on what you love about your body and how it serves you, how it makes you, YOU. We need to learn to re-wire our brains (easier than it sounds) by creating new thoughts of self-love and kindness instead of self rejection, the more we overthink about our flaws and our bodies the stronger the dark thoughts become and make us feeling low.

There’s always going to be people in life who will try to tell you that you’re not pretty enough, skinnier enough, plump enough, and that will always bring us down and affect our body image, after all we are human right? This will without a doubt, make us self-conscious. However, we should focus our energy on re-evaluating our self-worth, and start to listen to our own positive, good thoughts, and soon enough the negative comments will be drowned out and we will be happier in our own skin!

Lots of Love

-A xox


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