WE all have our personal obsessions, passions and guilty pleasures, right? I remember growing up I was OBSESSED with Bratz dolls, I would run to Woolworths when I received my weekly allowance to collect the new doll in the edition. I loved buying them all new clothes and shoes, dressing them up, aspiring to be as cool as they were. Lame right? It was my guilty pleasure, and my friends found it so weird that I would be obsessed with these dolls still as they were moving onto their obsession with celebrities like Justin Timberlake. Not so much then as it is now, people spread hate online for the things we love to do, or the things we love to LOVE. People may make us embarrassed about having these secret pleasures and mimicking you online. We may present ourselves as different human beings on our facebook pages, or Instagram feeds to fit in with society norms, hiding our favourite bands, or celebrity obsession.

I feel as if we should start to learn to embrace our passions online and not care what other people think about us. After all, it’s what makes us, us? We shouldn’t feel nervous to share online a new song from our ‘different’ band or posting pictures of what we are up to on the weekend, even if it’s an embarrassing pic of you and your grandma. We all grow up, and in a couple of years, we won’t care about being ‘cool’ or ‘popular’. School friendship groups aren’t the end all, you may feel lonely but you will meet people with similar interests and passions as you and you’ll be able to express yourself. You’ll look back on these memories, and realise how good those times were! There’s not point suppressing your interests to fit in, we should embrace who we are in order to create individuality.

People will only bully us because we are different, and not the same as them. If you want to post something on your feed but don’t want people to see, simply delete them? Or hide the post from them! Share the post with people who you know will support you and like in your interests too.  There’s going to be people who you come across online who won’t like what you like and may call you names like ‘lame’ or ‘boring’. WE shouldn’t care too much, after all, why do they care so much what you’re interested in if they find it lame and boring. There are groups and pages to fit in with people with the same likes as you have, just google an interest of your choice, and scroll from the pages, the blog posts, the facebook pages of groups with people who are just like you.


Ayisha xoxo


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