CyberStalking: My Story

So, this is a bit of a sensitive one, if you don’t want to read feel free, just read on to the next post.


I was 17 at the time. This I was in the middle of the most important part of school. All I wanted was to keep my head down and not get into any trouble. I always tried to be nice to everyone in school though. We had a new kid, a foreign exchange student who didn’t know anyone. He was out there and a lot of kids made fun of him. He tried to fulfil every American stereotype he knew and growing up in his home country, Eminem was popular. He thought to get friends he would hold rap concerts in the lunch area after school. But as we know, teenagers are brutal. He wasn’t a great rapper and he gained a lot of fake popularity because of it. Kids would encourage it because they thought it was funny for snapchat. So this went on for a few months. While this was happening, he would reach out to me online and send me his “mixtapes”. I tried to be nice but never really engaged, knowing that it wasn’t going to end well. I was too busy with school and working two jobs! At school, he would ask me to follow him on all his platforms and message him and hang out with him, but it wasn’t in a nice friendly way, it was getting weird. He had his popular “friends” and I was the quiet girl who sat in the back of the class. Well, he started posting pictures he would take of me during class online. It got weird, but I didn’t want to think much of it. As the months went by, he noticed that these popular “friends” were making fun of him. A few days later we noticed him looking at guns on his laptop during class. Then the infamous Tuesday night that I will never forget comes around. I had just gotten off work and my phone had all these snapchats from him and one rouge text. He had gotten my number from someone. The text went something like “meet me tomorrow after school behind the trashcans, you’re one of the chosen friends”. Now this freaked me out. I hadn’t said anything to my parents before this, I thought it was harmless. But between the guns and the text, I was wary of what was to come. So, I reached out to my parents and told them the whole story. Without them knowing, I think this story would have ended a lot differently. they saw the signs and reached out to my school that night, who in turn reached out to the police. What was found in the span of a few hours was terrifying. He had planned to shoot all his “friends”, because that’s what he thought Eminem would do. He had it all typed out on his laptop. I along with 3 others were “chosen”. His plan was thankfully stopped, because I said something. He had hundreds of pictures of me on his laptop and knew my every move. My class schedule, where I sat at lunch, my friends. It was terrifying.

So, next time someone online is creeping on you, or in person. Please reach out. Know the signs. Don’t let things get as far as they got for me. Every day I regret not saying anything sooner, but I’m glad I didn’t wait any longer. Someone you know could be cyber stalking you. It doesn’t have to be a stranger.

Here are some resources you can reach out to, or just talk to someone about it. Reach out so these things can be stopped.

C xx


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