The Youtube Game

Hi again,

So today I was sitting in my room, probably on my 2nd (more like 5th lol) hour of watching Youtube. Click after click watching all my favourite Youtubers travel the world thinking “wow, I want a life like theirs”. As I said this the weather was beautiful outside and there was absolutely nothing stopping me from going on my own adventures. I am lucky enough to split my time between two amazing places (shout out to London and California) and sometimes I don’t think I really appreciate it. Both are vibrant places filled with hundreds of things to do, and opportunities to live my own adventure. So why do I sit in my room wasting the day away without any desire to get out there and have a life like I see on Youtube? Well I think we can all fall victim to this. Its a lot easier to sit in my room than it is to go outside. To make friends and make plans to do something with them. I get lazy, and I’m sure some of you reading this can relate too. I think to myself I can never afford to go on those insane road trips or run around the coolest towns on earth because I don’t have the money. Well, here’s what I have realized.

  • You don’t need a crazy road trip to have fun. Let’s be real here, our readership, many of you being young people like me either in school or working, it’s not feasible to get on the next flight at the snap of our fingers. But we can get all our friends together and come up with fun things to do in our own towns
  • Not all adventures have to be expensive. I know I always go back to the money as the reason I don’t go out and adventure as much as I could. But every town has free things to do. You could be living in the countryside or in a big town. London is filled daily with hundreds of free museums and events for everyone young and old. Even just a walk through a new area could lead to a fun day! There is always something going on! And get creative with it too! Make your own vlogs and edit it like you’re the next big travel vlogger (or blogger!). Who knows, you really could be!
  • Be present. I know it’s so cool to fly drones and ride your skateboard through the wild streets of New York but don’t spend your days trying to be like them. Be present in your own life and when you shut off the screen, appreciate the people you are with. When I’m around all my best friends, it is much more enjoyable and memorable when we all look away from our phones and digital lives and just be with each other. Hey as we get older, we may not have these opportunities!
  • Its ok to be on your own. When I moved to a new town, I had some friends but not a lot. I would spend my weekends alone wandering this foreign town. Looking back, that was one of the most formative experiences. Learning to be confident on your own and just being able to be comfortable to walk around and explore on your own accord is important. These can lead to your own personal adventures. I wouldn’t trade these weekends for anything because I could be with myself and my thoughts while exploring my new home.

Keep these tips in mind next time you think you’re so deep into the youtube vortex that you don’t see a way out (or to live a life as cool as the vlogger you see). This week lets all make it our goal to go on at least one adventure. Big or small, doesn’t matter. Your life is just as fun as you see on the screen, we just need to take opportunities as they come.

Chat soon

C xx


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